xegaPermGene: Operations on Permutation Genes

An implementation of representation-dependent gene level operations for genetic algorithms with genes which represent permutations: initialization of genes, mutation and crossover. The crossover operation provided is position-based crossover (Syswerda, G., Chap. 21 in Davis, L. (1991, ISBN:0-442-00173-8). For mutation, several variants are included: Order-based mutation (Syswerda, G., Chap. 21 in Davis, L. (1991, ISBN:0-442-00173-8), randomized Lin-Kernighan heuristics (Croes, G. A. (1958) <doi:10.1287/opre.6.6.791> and Lin, S. and Kernighan. B. W. (1973) <doi:10.1287/opre.21.2.498>), and randomized greedy operators. A random mix operator for mutation selects a mutation variant randomly.

Imports: xegaSelectGene
Suggests: testthat (≥ 3.0.0)
Published: 2024-02-05
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.xegaPermGene
Author: Andreas Geyer-Schulz ORCID iD [aut, cre]
Maintainer: Andreas Geyer-Schulz <Andreas.Geyer-Schulz at kit.edu>
License: MIT + file LICENSE
URL: <https://github.com/ageyerschulz/xegaPermGene>
NeedsCompilation: no
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