DetLifeInsurance: Life Insurance Premium and Reserves Valuation

Methods for valuation of life insurance premiums and reserves (including variable-benefit and fractional coverage) based on "Actuarial Mathematics" by Bowers, H.U. Gerber, J.C. Hickman, D.A. Jones and C.J. Nesbitt (1997, ISBN: 978-0938959465), "Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingent Risks" by Dickson, David C. M., Hardy, Mary R. and Waters, Howard R (2009) <doi:10.1017/CBO9780511800146> and "Life Contingencies" by Jordan, C. W (1952) <doi:10.1017/S002026810005410X>. It also contains functions for equivalent interest and discount rate calculation, present and future values of annuities, and loan amortization schedule.

Version: 0.1.3
Depends: R (≥ 3.5.0)
Imports: utils
Suggests: knitr, rmarkdown
Published: 2020-09-12
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.DetLifeInsurance
Author: Joaquin Auza [aut, cre], Maria Sol Alvarez [aut]
Maintainer: Joaquin Auza <auzajoaquin at>
License: GPL-3
NeedsCompilation: no
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