wyz.code.testthat: Wizardry Code Offensive Programming Test Generation

Allows to generate automatically 'testthat' code files from offensive programming test cases. Generated test files are complete and ready to run. Using 'wyz.code.testthat' you will earn a lot of time, reduce the number of errors in test case production, be able to test immediately generated files without any need to view or modify them, and enter a zero time latency between code implementation and industrial testing. As with 'testthat', you may complete provided test cases according to your needs to push testing further, but this need is nearly void when using 'wyz.code.offensiveProgramming'.

Version: 1.1.20
Depends: R (≥ 4.0)
Imports: methods, data.table (≥ 1.11.8), tidyr, wyz.code.offensiveProgramming (≥ 1.1.22), R6 (≥ 2.4.0)
Suggests: testthat, knitr, rmarkdown
Published: 2021-10-06
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.wyz.code.testthat
Author: Fabien Gelineau
Maintainer: Fabien Gelineau <neonira at gmail.com>
License: GPL-3
URL: https://neonira.github.io/offensiveProgrammingBook_v1.2.2/
NeedsCompilation: no
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Reference manual: wyz.code.testthat.pdf
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macOS binaries: r-release (arm64): wyz.code.testthat_1.1.20.tgz, r-oldrel (arm64): wyz.code.testthat_1.1.20.tgz, r-release (x86_64): wyz.code.testthat_1.1.20.tgz, r-oldrel (x86_64): wyz.code.testthat_1.1.20.tgz
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