wpa 1.9.1

wpa 1.9.0

Updates to network_p2p(), with breaking changes to the argument, addressing issue #225:

network_summary() adds the ability to return pagerank.

This version also includes some minor dependency maintenance done to create_dt().

wpa 1.8.1

wpa 1.8.0

wpa 1.7.0

wpa 1.6.4

wpa 1.6.3

wpa 1.6.2

wpa 1.6.1

wpa 1.6.0

New functions: - generate_report2() (#141) - wellbeing_report() (#141) - create_tracking() (#141) - anonymize() (#162) - jitter_metrics() (#162)

Other changes: - Improved error handling on create_IV() (#157) - Bug fixes to plotting mechanism for network_p2p() and added ability to select custom weights (#149)

wpa 1.5.0

New functions: - hrvar_trend() (#132) - one2one_freq() (#132)

wpa 1.4.3

wpa 1.4.2

wpa 1.4.1

New functions: - one2one_freq() (#95)

Significant changes to existing functions: - create_rank() is now able to call create_rank_combine() to compute averages for pairwise combinations. The mode and plot_mode arguments are also made available to the key metric wrapper functions of create_rank(). - network_g2g() now has the option to specify algorithm and node colour.

wpa 1.4.0

v1.4.0 is the version where the working patterns family of functions are released open source as part of wpa (#55). These functions include:

In addition to the above, there are also some new functions, bug fixes, documentation, and performance improvements.

New functions: - import_to_fst() (#86) - create_hist() (#80) - identify_shifts_wp() (#66)

Significant changes to existing functions:

Bug fixes:

Documentation changes have been implemented across the board to comply with CRAN and to improve the user experience (#31)

wpa 1.3.1

New functions, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Significant changes to existing functions: - New plot visual is available for keymetrics_scan() - combine_signals() can now dynamically accept any metrics available in the Hourly Collaboration query. - pairwise_count() now uses a data.table implementation, instead of dependent on widyr.

New functions: - network_p2p() - network_leiden() - network_louvain() - network_describe() - create_sankey() - totals_col()

Some package dependencies have been removed (see #36): - network - GGally - widyr

wpa 1.3.0

This is the first version of the wpa package to be released open-source on GitHub. If you have been using a previous developmental version, the main difference is that this release omits the more experimental working patterns family of functions. The experimental functions are currently available upon request via mac@microsoft.com.