vivainsights 0.5.3

Minor bug fixes and visual improvements.

vivainsights 0.5.2

Minor bugfix on create_line().

vivainsights 0.5.1

Minor changes to documentation on static report outputs.

vivainsights 0.5.0

Added new functionality to calculate information value: create_IV() and IV_report()

vivainsights 0.4.3

vivainsights 0.4.2

vivainsights 0.4.1

vivainsights 0.4.0

Added new functionality for organizational network analysis (ONA):

vivainsights 0.3.1

vivainsights 0.3.0

vivainsights 0.2.0

vivainsights 0.1.0

This is the first version of the vivainsights package to be released open-source on GitHub and CRAN. This is based on the original wpa library, with functions and documentation updated to reflect the latest features in Viva Insights.