Introduction of usfertilizer, an R package

Wenlong Liu



Nutrients as commercial fertilizer is an important input to soil water systems, especially in agricultural fields. It is critical to, at least roughly, estimate the quantity of fertilizer application in the watershed, to conduct further evaluation of water quality from certain watersheds. Since 1990, folks from United States Geological Service (USGS) have investigated considerable time, manpower and efforts to estimate the fertilizer application at county scales in United States of America. Based on the sales data of commercial fertilizer, USGS researchers allocated the sold fertilizer to each county based on agricultural production, arable land, growing seasons, etc. Further details of data sources and specific attentions are available via

Although there is no perfect way to estimate the nutrient application in watershed, the datasets from USGS have been carefully reviewed and can serve as an indication of nutrients input from commercial fertilizer and animal manure. In addition, please employ this datasets at watershed or regional scales. Please note that USGS does not endorse this package. Also data from 1986 is not available for now.


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Summary of the dataset

The dataset, named by us_fertilizer_county, contains 625580 observations and 11 variables. Details are available by using ?us_fertilizer_county.


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