version 4.5

version 4.2

Updates * Adds dyadic distances table (ots_distances) for gravity modelling

Breaking changes * The API now returns Parquet files instead of JSON for all the cases (except for available years and tables) * All the tests were adapted to reflect changes in the DB (i.e., the test “multiple country match = error” no longer returns an error because there are no two codes for Germany in 2002-2020) * The command use_localhost was removed because the Shiny app now connects directly to PostgreSQL (i.e., this saves resources) * The column EU-28 member was removed from the countries table (i.e., avoid UK confusion after Brexit)

version 4.1

Updates * Uses GDP deflator to convert dollars from one year to another (previously it used reported inflation) Breaking changes * New port for local instance (8080 -> 4949)

version 4.0

Updates * Provides ysrpc table to visualize products, replacing yc tables. * The new default option is to download imputed data, as there is no direct API access to raw data. * A new method to correct import/exports mismatches was applied and the datasets now start from 1980 until I test enough the model results for older years. * Drops yr-sections and yr-groups tables * Drops ‘group’ columns in the final data (and replaces it for ‘section’ columns) * Allows to access both raw and imputed data from the API * Allows to search for special codes in the API (i.e., e-490 and other codes) * All these changes have resulted in large speedups with both data downloading and the Open Trade Statistics dashboard

Breaking changes * Most of the tables in the API were renamed, as now I made available an imputation method to remove transportation costs (and correct mismatching flows)

version 3.0.3

Minor fixes * Adds attributes to parquet tables (i.e., it now does the joins to add product name, section color, etc.)

Updates * Uses “_name” instead of “_fullname_english” in final tables colnames

version 3.0.2

Updates * Allows to obtain tables in Parquet format from the API, giving a speed-up of ~50% for the final user. * Uses tibble instead of DT to produce lighter vignettes

version 3.0.1

Updates * Adds section colors data for visualization, this is taken from the palette used in

Version 3.0

Updates * Removes all references to tables using communities or short names (both unofficial), reflecting changes in the API * The functionality remains the same, but now the end user functions don’t add a 21-colors palette to the data (i.e. see the data section)


Version 2.0


Version 1.0


Version 0.4.0


Version 0.3.1


Version 0.3


Version 0.2.8


Version 0.2.7


Version 0.2.5


Version 0.2.4


Version 0.2.3



Version 0.2.2


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