Scryfall tracks the appearance of card’s bounding frame programmatically with the frame and frame_effects columns.


The frame column tracks the edition of the card frame used for the re/print in question. The overall Magic frame has gone though several major revisions in the game’s lifetime.

Frame Description
1993 The original Magic card frame, starting from Limited Edition Alpha.
1997 The updated classic frame starting from Mirage block
2003 The “modern” Magic card frame, introduced in Eighth Edition and Mirrodin block.
2015 The holofoil-stamp Magic card frame, introduced in Magic 2015.
future The frame used on cards from the future

Frame Effects

The frame_effects column tracks additional frame artwork applied over a particular frame. For example, there are both 2003 and 2015-frame cards with the Nyx-touched effect.

Effect Description
legendary The cards have a legendary crown
miracle The miracle frame effect
nyxtouched The Nyx-touched frame effect
draft The draft-matters frame effect
devoid The Devoid frame effect
tombstone The Odyssey tombstone mark
colorshifted A colorshifted frame
inverted The FNM-style inverted frame
sunmoondfc The sun and moon transform marks
compasslanddfc The compass and land transform marks
originpwdfc The Origins and planeswalker transform marks
mooneldrazidfc The moon and Eldrazi transform marks
waxingandwaningmoondfc The waxing and waning crescent moon transform marks
showcase A custom Showcase frame
extendedart An extended art frame
companion The cards have a companion frame
etched The cards have an etched foil treatment
snow The cards have the snowy frame effect
lesson The cards have the Lesson frame effect