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scCustomize is a collection of functions created and/or curated to aid in the visualization and analysis of single-cell data using R.


See accompanying scCustomize website for detailed tutorials of all aspects of scCustomize functionality.

Installing scCustomize

scCustomize can be installed from CRAN on all platforms. For more detailed instructions see Installation.

# Base R

# Using pak

Release Notes

A full copy of the changes in each version can be found in the NEWS/ChangeLog.

Develop branch
I also maintain a separate development branch* that can be installed by supplying ref = "develop" in the devtools or remotes installation command. Version scheme vX.X.X.9yyy.
*Note: While this branch is typically mostly stable it may contain breaking issues/bugs.
I do try and keep development ChangeLog up to date so it’s easier to follow changes than reading commit history.

Bug Reports/New Features

If you run into any issues or bugs please submit a GitHub issue with details of the issue.

Any requests for new features or enhancements can also be submitted as GitHub issues.

Pull Requests are welcome for bug fixes, new features, or enhancements.