The goal of sacRebleu is to provide a simple interface to the BLEU score, a metric for evaluating the quality of generated text. This package is inspired by the NLTK and sacrebleu implementations of the BLEU score, and is implemented in C++ for the R programming language.


You can install the development version of sacRebleu from GitHub with:

Linux and MacOS

# install.packages("devtools")


This package builds upon the tok package, which requires the Rust toolchain to be installed. To install the rustup, follow the instructions at and at tok. After installing the Rust toolchain, you can install the development version of sacRebleu as described above.


cand_corpus <- list("This is good", "This is not good")
ref_corpus <- list(list("Perfect outcome!", "Excellent!"), list("Not sufficient.", "Horrible."))
bleu_corpus <- bleu_corpus(ref_corpus, cand_corpus)