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The sabre (Spatial Association Between REgionalizations) is an R package for calculating a degree of spatial association between regionalizations or categorical maps. This package offers support for sf, RasterLayer, SpatRaster, and stars spatial objects, and the following methods:


You can install the released version of sabre from CRAN with:


You can install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


We use two simple regionalization, regions1 and regions2 to show the basic concept of calculating a degree of spatial association.


The first map, regions1 consists of four regions of the same shape and size, while the second one, regions2 has three irregular regions.

The vmeasure_calc() function allows for calculation of a degree of spatial association between regionalizations or categorical maps using the information-theoretical V-measure. It requires, at least, four arguments:

regions_vm = vmeasure_calc(x = regions1, y = regions2, x_name = z, y_name = z)

The result is a list with three metrics of spatial association - V-measure, Homogeneity, Completeness - and two sf objects with preprocessed input maps - $map1 and $map2.

#> The SABRE results:
#>  V-measure: 0.36 
#>  Homogeneity: 0.32 
#>  Completeness: 0.42 
#>  The spatial objects can be retrieved with:
#>  $map1 - the first map
#>  $map2 - the second map

Both spatial outputs have two columns. The first one contains regions’ names/values and the second one (rih) describes regions’ inhomogeneities.

plot(regions_vm$map1["rih"], main = "Map1: rih")
plot(regions_vm$map2["rih"], main = "Map2: rih")

More examples can be found in the package vignette and in the sabre: or how to compare two maps? blog post.

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