s2dv 2.0.0 (Release date: 2023-10-11)

The compability break happens at the parameter changes. All the functionality remains the same but please pay attention to the parameter changes like name or default value if some error is raised.

Bugfixes - ColorBar() bug fix for an if condition for warning when var_limits is not provided - PlotEquiMap() and PlotLayout() are able to plot all NAs maps now.

Development - ACC() remove parameter “space_dim”. Use “lat_dim” and “lon_dim” instead. - ACC(), Ano_CrossValid(), RMS(), Corr(), and RatioSDRMS() parameter “memb_dim” is optional for obs - Change the default value of the parameter “dat_dim” in all the functions to NULL (except Ano_CrossValid(), Clim(), and Consistent_Trend()) - Change parameter “conf.lev” to “alpha” in all appliable functions - New function: GetProbs(), MSE(), MSSS() - RPSS() efficiency improvement - CDORemap() new parameter “ncores” to use multiple cores - RMSSS(), RPSS(), CRPSS(), AbsBiasSS() have parameter “sig_method.type” to choose the test type of Random Walk test - CRPSS() has non-cross-validation climatological forecast - RPS() and RPSS() have new parameter “na.rm” to set the criterion of NA amount

s2dv 1.4.1 (Release date: 2023-06-02)

s2dv 1.4.0 (Release date: 2023-03-21)

- AbsBiasSS() significance test bugfix
- RPSS() significance test bugfix
- Trend() output “p.val” bugfix when NAs exist
- RMS() bugfix when dat_dim is NULL and conf is FALSE
- NAO() parameter “ftime_avg” sanity check improvement
- CDORemap() recognizes the CDO version with non-numeric values
- CDORemap() reorders the unlimited dimension to the last position in order to save as netCDF correctly

- Make the argument default values consistent between functions
- Season() sanity check improvement
- RMSSS() new parameters: “ref”, “memb_dim”, “sig_method”. RandomWalkTest() is one option for significance test.
- Corr() new output “sign” and change parameter “conf.lev” to “alpha”
- CRPSS() uses cross-validation when ref is NULL
- RPS() and RPSS(): New parameter “cross.val” to choose to use cross-validation or not
- New function: ROCSS()
- RandomWalkTest(): New parameters “alpha” and “test.type”; Test method options: ‘two.sided.approx’,‘two.sided’,‘greater’,‘less’; change from positively oriented to negatively oriented
- Reorder(): Reorder attribute “dimensions” along with the data reordering. The attribute exists in Load() objects.
- ProjectField() efficiency improvement
- NAO(): parameter “ftime_avg” can be NULL so no average is calculated

s2dv 1.3.0 (Release date: 2022-10-17)

s2dv 1.2.0 (Release date: 2022-06-22)

s2dv 1.1.0 (Release date: 2021-12-14)

s2dv 1.0.0 (Release date: 2021-06-16)

s2dv 0.1.1 (Release date: 2020-11-16)

s2dv 0.1.0 (Release date: 2020-11-12)

s2dv 0.0.1 (Release date: 2020-02-07)