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rosetta: Parallel Use of Statistical Packages in Teaching

The pkgdown website for this project is located at https://r-packages.gitlab.io/rosetta/.

When teaching statistics, it can often be desirable to uncouple the content from specific software packages. To ease such efforts, the Rosetta Stats website (https://rosettastats.com) allows comparing analyses in different packages. This package is the companion to the Rosetta Stats website, aiming to provide functions that produce output that is similar to output from other statistical packages, thereby facilitating ‘software-agnostic’ teaching of statistics.

Rosetta Stats is a statistics chrestomathy, conceptually based on Rosetta Code; this is its R companion package. Rosetta Stats is meant to illustrate how common analyses can be conducted in a variety of statistical software packages. It was founded mainly to facilitate using SPSS and R in parallel or to facilitate switching from SPSS to R. It is geared towards application of statistics to psychological science.


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