roadoi - Use Unpaywall with R

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roadoi interacts with the Unpaywall REST API, an openly available web-interface which returns metadata about open access versions of scholarly works.

This client supports the most recent API Version 2.

API Documentation:

How do I use it?

Use the oadoi_fetch() function in this package to get open access status information and full-text links from Unpaywall.

roadoi::oadoi_fetch(dois = c("10.1038/ng.3260", "10.1093/nar/gkr1047"), 
                    email = "")
#> # A tibble: 2 x 21
#>   doi      best_oa_location  oa_locations oa_locations_emb…
#>   <chr>    <list>            <list>       <list>           
#> 1 10.1038… <tibble [1 × 11]> <tibble [1 … <tibble [0 × 0]> 
#> 2 10.1093… <tibble [1 × 10]> <tibble [6 … <tibble [0 × 0]> 
#> # … with 17 more variables: data_standard <int>,
#> #   is_oa <lgl>, is_paratext <lgl>, genre <chr>,
#> #   oa_status <chr>, has_repository_copy <lgl>,
#> #   journal_is_oa <lgl>, journal_is_in_doaj <lgl>,
#> #   journal_issns <chr>, journal_issn_l <chr>,
#> #   journal_name <chr>, publisher <chr>,
#> #   published_date <chr>, year <chr>, title <chr>,
#> #   updated_resource <chr>, authors <list>

There are no API restrictions. However, providing an email address is required and a rate limit of 100k is suggested. If you need to access more data, use the data dump instead.

RStudio Addin

This package also has a RStudio Addin for easily finding free full-texts in RStudio.

How do I get it?

Install and load from CRAN:


To install the development version, use the devtools package



See to get started.


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License: MIT

Please use the issue tracker for bug reporting and feature requests.