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rjdmarkdown gives a set of functions to print nicely your models created by RJDemetra.


rjdmarkdown relies on RJDemetra that requires Java SE 8 or later version.

# Install release version from CRAN

# Install development version from GitHub
# install.packages("devtools")


The functions developped are:

The available outputs are LaTeX (format = "latex", the package booktabs and float must be used) and HTML outputs (format = "html").

The option results='asis' must be used in the chunk:

mysa <- x13(ipi_c_eu[, "FR"])
print_preprocessing(mysa, format = "latex")
print_decomposition(mysa, format = "latex")
print_diagnostics(mysa, format = "latex")

A R Markdown can also directly be created and render with the create_rmd function. It can take as argument a SA, jSA, sa_item, multiprocessing (all the models of the multiprocessing are printed) or workspace object (all the models of all the multiprocessing of the workspace are printed). For example:

sa_ts <- tramoseats(ipi_c_eu[, "FR"])
wk <- new_workspace()
new_multiprocessing(wk, "sa1")
add_sa_item(wk, "sa1", mysa, "X13")
add_sa_item(wk, "sa1", sa_ts, "TramoSeats")
# It's important to compute the workspace to be able to import the models

output_file <- tempfile(fileext = ".Rmd")
create_rmd(wk, output_file, 
           output_format = c("pdf_document", "html_document"),
           output_options = list(toc = TRUE,
                                 number_sections = TRUE))
# To open the file:
browseURL(sub(".Rmd",".pdf", output_file, fixed = TRUE))
browseURL(sub(".Rmd",".html", output_file, fixed = TRUE))

LaTeX output

LaTeX output

HTML output

HTML output