# resemble 2.2.3 (embryo)


resemble 2.2.2 (sky)

New features


resemble 2.2.1 (Fix-Hodges)

Improvements and fixes

resemble 2.1 (piapia)


New features

Improvements and fixes

resemble 2.0 (gordillo)


During the recent lockdown we had the chance to inevest a enough time on the development of a new version of the package resemble. This new version comes with significant improvements as well as new functionality. For example, it now matches the tidyverse R style guide, it includes unit tests, includes new functionality for modeling, mbl is faster and a less memory-hungry.

New features

Improvements and fixes

Breaking changes

orthoProjection(), pcProjection(), plsProjection() (renamed to ortho_projection(),

pc_projection(), pls_projection() respectively):

corDiss() (renamed to cor_diss()):

fDiss() (renamed to f_diss()):


orthoDiss (renamed to ortho_diss):

simEval() (renamed to sim_eval()):


neigCleaning() (now search_neighbors())

mblControl() (renamed to mbl_control()):


resemble 1.3 (never released)


The option ‘movcor’ for the argument sm of mblControl() is deprecated. The ‘movcor’ moving window correlations between spectra as dissimilarity measure. Now This option can be specified by using ‘cor’ as the method in the argument ‘sm’ and passing a window size to the argument ‘ws’of mblControl(). If ’ws’ is not specified, the standard correlation between spectra is computed.


The argument ‘resampling’ in mblControl() has been renamed to ‘number’


A bug in the scaling of the euclidean distances in fDiss was detected and fixed. The distance ratios (between samples) were correctly calculated, but the final scaling of the results was not properly done. The distance between Xi and Xj were scaled by taking the squared root of the mean of the squared differences and dividing it by the number of variables i.e. sqrt(mean((Xi-Xj)^2))/ncol(Xi), however the correct calculation is done by taking the mean of the squared differences, dividing it by the number of variables and then compute the squared root i.e. sqrt(mean((Xi-Xj)^2)/ncol(Xi)). This bug had no effect on the computations of the nearest neighbors.

resemble 1.2.0001 (alma de coco)


A bug in the computation of the Mahalanobis distance in the PLS space was fixed.


Thanks to Matthieu Lesnoff who found a bug in the predict.orthoProjection function (an error was thrown when PCA preditions were requested). This bug has been fixed.


A bug in plot.mbl was fixed. It was not possible to plot mbl results when the k.diss argument (threshold distances) was used in the mbl function.


Since the previous release, the “wapls1” regression (in the mbl function) is actually compatible with valMethod = “loc_crossval” (in the mblControl). In the previous documentation was wrongly stated otherwise. Now this has been corrected in the documentation.


the projection Matrix (projectionM) returned by plsProjection now only contains the columns corresponding only to the number components retrieved

resemble 1.2 (alma de coco)


A patch was released for and extrange bug that prevented to run mbl in parallel when the gpr method was used.


Now it is possible to locally optimize the maximum and minimum pls factors in wapls1 local regressions.


Many thanks to Eva Ampe and Lorenzo Menichetti for their suggestions.


A method for better estimates of RMSE values computed for the ‘wapls1’ method has been implemented.


The ‘wapls2’ method of the mbl function is no longer supported because of several drawbacks computing reliable uncertainty estimates.


Several functions are now based on C++ for faster computations.


Added default variable names when they are missing and an error message when the names of Xr do not match the names of Xu.


plot.mbl draws now the circles around the actual centre function when the spectra is not centred for mbl.


The function movcorDist was removed since. it was included by mistake in the previous version of the package. The corDiss function can be used in raplacement of movcorDist.

resemble 1.1.1

19.03.2013 Hello world! Initial release of the package