radsafer (version 2.3.0)

2023-07-11 Adding new function to produce geometry parameters for MCNP geometric mesh tallies. Correcting documentation for RN_plot_spectrum. Adding argument check for this and RN_save_spectrum - the photon argument must be logical.

radsafer (version 2.2.8)

2023-04-27 Adding new function to compute half-value layers and tenth-value layers. Combining and renaming functions to make energy cards for MCNP. Tweaks to many functions to enhance use of numeric results.

radsafer (version 2.2.6)

2022-02-02 Two functions for providing source energy distributions for MCNP have been updated to make them easier to use. Previously, version 2.2.2 implemented a CRAN requirement in mcnp_si_sp_hist and mcnp_si_sp_RD to ensure users gave consent to any file writing. This was implemented with a required ‘y’ response to a dialog in the console. This has proven to be cumbersome and prevented use of these functions in R markdown files. This version changes the permission to a function parameter that defaults to ‘n’, retaining the permission requirement while allowing greater ease of use.

radsafer (version 2.2.5)

2021-04-12 Updated branch_4 title to match repaired RadData index which previously dropped the 4.

radsafer (version 2.2.4)

2020-12-31 Corrected the column assignment in the four-column MCNP source copy and paste functions in mcnp_scan_save and mcnp_scan2plot. (Prior version incorrectly used bin number for energy.)

radsafer (version 2.2.3)

2020-09-09 Add option to scan biased histogram (mcnp_scan_save). Remove duplicate to this function (mcnp_scan2spec). Return data frame from RN_info. Fix functions that have return without () per CRAN directive.

radsafer (version 2.2.2)

2020-07-23 Small change to require user to allow file to be created or appended when creating si_sp.txt files for MCNP input energy cards. This is required by CRAN.

radsafer (version 2.2.1)

2020-06-07 Removed deprecated search functions that have been replaced by searches starting with RN.

radsafer (version 2.2.0)

2020-02-21 Improved plotting functions – discrete energy spectra with lollipop plots (RN_plot_spectrum) and histograms plotted with steps between energy bins ggplot2::geom_step(direction = 'vh') (in mcnp_plot_out_spec). Added the ggtheme package’s theme_calc for radionuclide plots (RN_plot_spectrum). In case users want to just get a plot form MCNP or, possibly other histogram data, they can now do it with one step (mcnp_scan2plot). The scan-in function, now called mcnp_scan_save, can now scan in 4-column source histogram data from output files in addition to the three-column output spectra. The two column scan went away for lack of any known application, but can be put back in if anyone needs it - use the maintainer email listed in the package description. Some function renaming was done to make it easier for users to select a helpful function, for example, search_alpha_by_E is now RN_search_alpha_by_E. Renamed functions will have a warning to use the new function name and these functions will be removed in a later version. Previously deprecated functions were also removed and documentation was improved.

radsafer (version 2.1.0)

2019-12-17 Many improvements in rad measurements family plots. Bug corrections in mcnp tools family, especially mcnp_si_sp_hist, plus split off of copy and paste version as mcnp_si_sp_hist_scan. New function in radionuclides family - RN_find_parents - to find out where a radionuclide may have decayed from. A vignette for overview of the package is added.

radsafer (version 2.0.1)

2019-05-27 This version is to be submitted to CRAN. Bug removal on dk_activity. Updated examples in many functions to identify parameters at least once.

radsafer (version

2019-05-23 Repaired a bug in dk_activity. Working on improvements in overall ease of use. Expecting an update to CRAN in a couple of weeks.

radsafer (version 2.0.0)

2019-05-05 Hurray! This is the grand opening of radsafer! The ICRP 107 data in RadData is now effectively utilized for radionuclide screening, plots, and use with MCNP. MCNP utilities have been expanded - see the Readme file for details.

radsafer (version 1.0.9000)


New functions have been added to the development version, Several of the existing functions have had slight changes, including name changes that will help make the package easier to use going forward.

radsafer (version 1.0.0)


Big news! radsafer is now available from CRAN! So, we should be announcing the grand opening, right?

But wait. RadData (https://github.com/markhogue/RadData) has also just been issued by CRAN. So, this is the soft opening for just a few close friends because a much more compelling version of radsafer will be out soon. It is going to have some really helpful functions for accessing, screening, plotting, and making inputs from RadData.

Here’s the backstory of radsafer and RadData. Here at radsafer world headquarters, we were all excited when we figured out what we could do with access to the ICRP 107 Nuclear Decay Data for Dosimetric Calculations. So excited, we wanted to share it, along with a bunch of other generally helpful health physics functions. But then, we found we couldn’t meet CRAN’s size limit of 5 MB with all that data. Then, we had other issues to deal with and were not sure if RadData would ever get off the ground. So, we pursued, in parallel, issuing a lighter radsafer and RadData. And now, suddenly, success has arrived at the same time on both projects! We’re so psyched!

So, stay tuned, friends. radsafer will be out with version 1.1.0 probably around early May 2019. Then we’ll announce it to all the world.