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R Utility Functions for the 99%

An assortment of helper functions for managing data (e.g., rotating values in matrices by a user-defined angle, switching from row- to column-indexing), dates (e.g., intuiting year from messy date strings), handling missing values (e.g., removing elements/rows across multiple vectors or matrices if any have an NA), text (e.g., flushing reports to the console in real-time); and combining data frames with different schema (copying, filling, or concatenating columns or applying functions before combining).


As of version 1.1.2, omnibus is on CRAN! You can install the latest CRAN-stable version the normal way you install packages from CRAN, or the development version by using:

remotes::install_github('adamlilith/omnibus', dependencies=TRUE)

You may need to install the remotes package first.

Data manipulation



Handling NAs

Data properties