mppR: Multi-Parent Population QTL Analysis


mppR is an R package to perform QTL analysis of experimental multi-parent populations. The population must be composed of crosses between a set of at least three parents (e.g. factorial design, ‘diallel’, or nested association mapping). The functions cover data processing, QTL detection, and results visualization.


mppR has two different branches: “master” and “mppR_CRAN”. The “master” branch allows to perform MPP mixed model QTL detection calling the asreml-R package and function parent_cluster.mppData that call the archived R package clusthaplo for parent clustering. The branch “mppR_CRAN” do not contain the mixed models and the call to clusthaplo.

devtools::install_github("vincentgarin/mppR", ref = "master")


See the two vignettes attached to the package.