An R package for obtaining and analyzing water isotope data. Includes interfaces to the Waterisotopes Database and tools for inferring the source of waters based on their isotopic composition accounting for isotope effects associated with partial evaporation. Install the latest release from GitHub using the devtools package:



Bowen, G. J., Putman, A. L., Brooks, J. R., Bowling, D. R., Oerter, E. J., & Good, S. P. (2018) Inferring the source of evaporated waters using stable H and O isotopes. Oecologia, 187(4), 1025-1039.

Putman, A. L., & Bowen, G. J. (2019) A global database of the stable isotopic ratios of meteoric and terrestrial waters. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 23(10), 4389-4396.

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