Package: ggRandomForests Version: 2.2.1

ggRandomForests v2.2.1

ggRandomForests v2.2.0

ggRandomForests v2.1.0

To pull this out of archive on randomForestSRC 3.1 build release. Fixed a plot bug for gg_error to show the actual curve (issue 35)

ggRandomForests v2.0.1

ggRandomForests v2.0.0

ggRandomForests v1.2.1

ggRandomForests v1.2.0

ggRandomForests v1.1.4

ggRandomForests v1.1.3

ggRandomForests v1.1.2

ggRandomForests v1.1.1

Maintenance release, mostly to fix gg_survival and gg_partial plots. * Fix the gg_survival functions to plot kaplan-meier estimates. * Fix the gg_partial functions for categorical variables. * Add some more S3 print functions. * Try to make gg_functions more consistent. * Further development of package vignette “Survival with Random Forests” * Modify the example cached datasets for better estimates and examples. * Improve help files. * Misc Bug Fixes.

ggRandomForests v1.1.0

ggRandomForests v1.0.0

ggRandomForests v0.2