Geomorph is a software package for performing all stages of geometric morphometric shape analysis of 2- and 3-dimensional landmark points, as well as semilandmarks on curves and surfaces, in the R statistical computing environment. This repository is dedicated to providing beta versions between CRAN uploads.

To install the current geomorph R-package from CRAN:

Within R:


For Mac users: please also install XQuartz from This allows the library(rgl) to function.

To install the current version of geomorph R-package from Github using devtools:

Within R:


devtools::install_github(“geomorphR/geomorph”, ref = “Stable”, build_vignettes = TRUE)

This installs a stable release of the current version of geomorph on CRAN, allowing us to quickly fix errors that slip thorough the cracks and are uploaded with the CRAN version.