geojsonR 1.1.1

geojsonR 1.1.0

geojsonR 1.0.9

geojsonR 1.0.8

geojsonR 1.0.7

geojsonR 1.0.6

I fixed minor typos in the .cpp files

geojsonR 1.0.5

I modified the R functions which made a connection to Url’s (previously the connection was not closed in an appropriate way producing that way a warning)

geojsonR 1.0.4

I modified the Makevars files to allow OpenMP usage. The geojsonR package is not parallelized, however the Armadillo library uses OpenMP internally to improve the execuction time of the functions.

geojsonR 1.0.3

I added the merge_files function.

geojsonR 1.0.2

I added the FROM_GeoJson_Schema function. This function is appropriate when the property-names do not match exactly the RFC 7946 specification ( for instance if the geometry-object-name appears as location, as is the case sometimes in mongodb queries ). This way one can avoid unnecessary errors when reading geojson files/strings.

geojsonR 1.0.1

I added a Vignette and corrected mistakes of the examples in the documentation

geojsonR 1.0.0