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Provides contingency tables for descriptive stats for epidemiology in R. Alongside the cross-tabulated frequencies, epitab can provide summary statistics such as coefficients from regression models, and summary statistics of continuous variables with respect to the outcome of interest. A variety of useful summary measures are provided with epitab, but the package is also designed in such a way to allow the user to supply their own statistics, allowing for a flexible approach to table design that can be employed in a variety of situations. The ability to export the resulting tables to publication friendly formats is also provided, including HTML, LaTeX, and Word.


See the User Guide vignette for examples of the tables that can be built, and how to export these to other documents.


The latest stable release can be installed from CRAN by running install.packages('epitab'), while the latest development version can be installed from the development Github repository by using devtools::install_github('stulacy/epitab').