container 1.0.1

container 1.0.0

Breaking changes

This update brings some big changes and breaks some of the earlier functions. However, with version 1.0.0, from now on, the API will remain stable.

All classes Container, Deque, Set and Dict now have been modified to be more similar in the way elements can be added, extracted, replaced or removed and therefore share most of their operations. The motivation behind this was to provide specialized data structures that enhance base R list but at the same time still ‘feel’ familiar to R users. As a result, all classes (including Set and Dict) now provide named elements and access via name or integer indices similar to base R list, which should users enable to use any of them right from the start without having to read through the manual.

A new class dict.table is provided, a mixture of data.table and Dict, which extends data.table by Dict operations to enhance data column management.

List of changes

New features

Deprecated Functions

container 0.3.0

Initial release