cdcat 1.0.6: * Update to satisfy CRAN requirements. * Minor edits in the documentation of cdcat() and fixed typos for cdcat.summary() output for itemSelect = ‘GNPS’ or ‘NPS’ applications

cdcat 1.0.5: * The general non-parametric method for CD-CAT was included in cdcat() * The cdcat.summary() function can now be also used without providing the argument att()

cdcat 1.0.4: * Some examples removed from * Fixed attribute labels in att.plot() * Fixed a bug for LR.2step() where the function stopped if the computations resulted in NA

cdcat 1.0.3: * cdcat.summary: Minor modifications in the plots * gen.itembank: Two additional arguments incorporated (gs.parm and catprob.parm) to allow for more targeted manipulation of the quality of the item bank * cdcat: New arguments included for specification of the starting rule (startK and startRule), item exposure control (itemExposurecontrol, b, and maxr), and the inclusion of additional constraints (itemConstraint and constraint.args$ATTRIBUTEc) * helper: Functions updated to accommodate the above-mentioned modifications

cdcat 1.0.2: * Fixed a bug for cdcat() when ItemSelect = “JSD” * Fixed a bug for cdcat() when ItemSelect = “PWKL” * Minor modification of cdcat() for gathering the information (Q-matrix)

cdcat 1.0.1: * Addressed the noLD unit test issues in the previous version

cdcat 1.0.0:

DESCRIPTION: * version and date updated * P. Nájera listed as a co-author * package dependencies updated

att.plot: * CDM package accepted * nonparametric CD-CAT accepted * k argument included for selecting the attributes to be plotted. If k = NULL (by default), all attributes are plotted * color has been added to the plot: red = non-mastered, green = mastered, blue = unclassified

cdcat: * CDM package accepted * several item selection rules included: GDI, JSD, MPWKL, PWKL, NPS, random (argument itemSelect) * nonparametric CD-CAT included (itemSelect = “NPS”) * different arguments available: gate, pseudo.prob, w.type, and seed (argument NPS.args). pseudo.prob and w.type are experimental * some arguments needed to be modified / included (e.g., Q is required with nonparametric CD-CAT) * parallelization included (argument n.cores) * some warning / error messages included * information regarding multiple modes (for ML and MAP) included in the output * i.print is a deprecated argument. When parallelizing, no information is printed * updated information and references * new example for the nonparametric CD-CAT included * examples updated

cdcat.summary: * major update * item exposure information included * optional label argument included (in case two objects share model) * CDM package accepted * nonparametric CD-CAT accepted * plots improved (e.g., without secondary grids) * violin plot for variable length CD-CAT improved (e.g., geom_dotplot instead of geom_jitter, x axis labels removed)

cdcat.comp: * function removed. cdcat.comp is now included in cdcat.summary * new function to simulate data

gen.itembank: * major update * data generation under different CDMs using the GDINA::simGDINA function * additional specifications when creating a Q-matrix included

LR2step: * example updated * CDM package accepted * error when K^j = 4 fixed p.adjust.methods method and alpha.level arguments included * new output included LR2.adjp and models.adjp

sim180combination, 180DINA, sim180GDINA * updated

helper: * all functions required for cdcat and gen.itembank functions included

zzz: * version updated