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Biobricks R Package

The biobricks R package facilitates the management and use of bioinformatics databases, streamlining access to a range of datasets.


Step 1: Install the Python Package

pip install biobricks

Step 2: Install the R Package



Setup the Command Line Tool

pip install biobricks
biobricks configure     # Set the BBLIB path and obtain a token
biobricks install clinvar  # Install a database of your choice

Install a Bioinformatics Database (Brick)

For example, to install the ClinVar database:

biobricks install clinvar

Asset Overview

To list the assets provided by a brick:

biobricks assets clinvar

Using ClinVar Assets in R

Load ClinVar assets, which are stored as Parquet files:

clinvar <- biobricks::bbassets('clinvar')
arrowds <- arrow::open_dataset(clinvar$allele_gene_parquet)
head(arrowds) %>% dplyr::collect()

Additional Documentation

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