Miscellaneous R functions. Notable: colPoints, horizHist, logAxis, pointZoom, smallPlot, lsc.

See the Vignette for an overview of the package.

Recent changes (Thanks, Jenny)


Install release version from CRAN: CRAN_Status_Badge downloads Rdoc “berryFunctions dependencies”


Update to the current development version on github: :

if(!requireNamespace("remotes", quitly=TRUE)) install.packages("remotes")


If direct installation from CRAN doesn’t work, your R version might be too old. In that case, an update is really recommendable: If you can’t update R, try installing from source (github) via instGit or devtools as mentioned above. If that’s not possible either, here’s a manual workaround: click on Code - Download ZIP (top right), unzip the file to some place, then

dd <- dir("berryFunctions-master/R", full=T)
dummy <- sapply(dd, source)

This creates all R functions as objects in your globalenv workspace (and overwrites existing objects of the same name!).


This package is under the GPL license. I am fine with you doing whatever you want with it, provided that my name and credit remains attached to it. If you legally need a more permissive license, let me know and I can probably change it.