bayesCT - Tool for Simulation and Analysis of Adaptive Bayesian Clinical Trials

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Authors: Thevaa Chandereng, Donald Musgrove, Tarek Haddad, Graeme Hickey, Timothy Hanson and Theodore Lystig


bayesCT is a R package for simulation and analysis of adaptive Bayesian randomized controlled trials under a range of trial designs and outcome types. Currently, it supports Gaussian, binomial, and time-to-event. The bayesCT package website is available here. Please note this package is still under development.


Prior to analyzing your data, the R package needs to be installed. The easiest way to install bayesCT is through CRAN:


There are other additional ways to download bayesCT. The first option is most useful if want to download a specific version of bayesCT (which can be found at


# or 

devtools::install_version("bayesCT", version = "x.x.x", repos = "")

The second option is to download through GitHub:


After successful installation, the package must be loaded into the working space:



See the vignettes for usage instructions and example.

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bayesCT is available under the open source GNU General Public License, version 3.