Get the CDS API-Key

To download AgERA5 data from the Copernicus Climate Data Store (CDS) you should first register and get your API Key from the CDS API Guide.

Once you have your API Key, you should create a file named “.cdsapirc”. See more details at the CDS API Guide

You do not need to install Python or the ‘CDASPI’ client, ag5Tools will do it if required.

Downloading AgERA5 data

The following example downloads variable “2m_temperature”. For this variable there seven statistics available:

In this case, we will download “night_time_minimum”. You should replace the target path to a location in your own computer where you want to store the downloaded data.


ag5_download(variable = "2m_temperature",
            statistic = "night_time_minimum",
            day = "all",
            month = "all",
            year = 2015,
            path = "C:/custom_target_folder")