Tutorial for WufooR

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To access data from your surveys, you need to store your login information (name of subdomain and API key) in your local R environment. As described below, this can be done in two ways (this has been borrowed from Scott Chamberlain/his rnoaa package package).

PS: Don’t use my API key, of course. See https://wufoo.github.io/docs/

A helper function auth_name()/auth_api() looks for one of two stored keys, as an environment variable under the name Wufoo_Name/Wufoo_API, or an option variable under the name Wufoo_Name/Wufoo_API.

Environment variables can be set during session like Sys.setenv(VAR = "..."), or stored long term in your .Renviron file. Option variables can be set during session like options(var = "..."), or stored long term in your .Rprofile file.

Print information about myself & API key.


User Information

Let’s print some information about the user.


And now what about the forms you have access to.

t(form_info(formIdentifier = "z5kqx7h1gtvg4g", includeTodayCount="FALSE"))


# Show responses to the form
fe_1 <- form_entries(formIdentifier = "z5kqx7h1gtvg4g")

sapply(fe_1, class)

And how many responses did we get sofar ?

form_entriesCount(formIdentifier = "z5kqx7h1gtvg4g", domain = "wufoo.eu")

And form comments ?

form_comments(formIdentifier = "z5kqx7h1gtvg4g", domain = "wufoo.eu")
form_commentsCount(formIdentifier = "z5kqx7h1gtvg4g")

Form entries in CSV ?

form_entriesFromCSV(reportName = "untitled-report", showRequestURL = F)

Show form’s fields, with the requested URL (for debug purposes).

fields_info(formIdentifier = "z5kqx7h1gtvg4g", showRequestURL = FALSE)

Report Information

Do I have some reports ? If yes, then show me information about them.

# all reports

# only some reports
t(report_info(reportName = "untitled-report"))

Number of entries in the report and details of the widgets that make up a specific report.

t(report_entries(reportName = "untitled-report"))

t(report_widgets(formIdentifier = "z5kqx7h1gtvg4g"))