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The ‘TDCM’ R package lets users estimate the transition diagnostic classification model (TDCM) described in Madison & Bradshaw (2018), a longitudinal extension of the log-linear cognitive diagnosis model (LCDM) in Henson, Templin & Willse (2009). As the LCDM subsumes many other diagnostic classification models (DCMs), many other DCMs can be estimated longitudinally via the TDCM framework. The ‘TDCM’ package includes functions to estimate the single-group and multigroup TDCM, summarize results of interest including item parameters, growth proportions, transition probabilities, transitional reliability, attribute correlations, model fit, and growth plots.


You can install the ‘TDCM’ package like so:

# Install TDCM from CRAN
# Or install the latest development version of TDCM from GitHub:
if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")

Getting Started

See vignette("TDCM", package = "TDCM") or for an overview of the ‘TDCM’ package.