#v 0.2.1

Made a few changes to amend some tests to use functions in the third edition of the testthat package.


Added bisection method for choosing tolerances when multiple data points are being used in the ABC-SMC algorithm.

Added option to set minimum tolerances for ABC-SMC.

Changed way that random seeds are passed to mclapply() to aid reproducibility when setting seeds and using parallelisation. Runs will only be reproducible if using the same number of cores each time (which can be specified using mc.cores argument to various functions).


Patch release to fix minor bug in the predict.PMCMC method.


Patch release to fix the order in which tspan objects are updated in code produced from mparseRcpp.


Patch release to fix a parsing error when compiling models with only a single transition term.


Patch release to fix a compilation error on Solaris, and also to fix a memory leak error.

SimBIID 0.1.0

First release of SimBIID to CRAN.