R2sample 1.1.0

            fixed a bug in calculation of chi square test, made cpp routines 
            invisible, fixed issue with help titles

R2sample 1.0.0

            fixed a code problem in TS_disc_cpp on line 146
            made some changes to the arguments of twosample_power   

R2sample 0.0.4

            changed line 66 in TS_cont_cpp.cpp from 
               while ( (x[j]<=sxy[i]) && (j<nx))
               while ( (j<nx) && (x[j]<=sxy[i]) )   
            to avoid heap-buffer-overflow error.   

R2sample 0.0.3

            Changed & to && in a TS_cont_cpp.cpp

R2sample 0.0.2

            Changed | to || in a number of the C++ routines per request from the CRAN Team  

R2sample 0.0.1