MaOEA Build Status

The goal of MaOEA is to facilitate easy hybridization of algorithms for many objective optimization. In the package, several algorithms are available: SMS-EMOA, NSGA-III, and MO-CMA-ES. Each of these algorithms can be accessed independently. Using the main function, the algorithms can be called for specific number of iterations. Alternatively, if the hybridization follows a more complex rule, users may prefer to call the algorithm directly in their optimization loop. This will call the algorithm (i.e., the offspring generation and selection scheme) for a single iteration.

The package uses PyGMO ( to compute hypervolume and hypervolume contribution.


You can install the released version of MaOEA from CRAN with:


Please note that MaOEA requires the users to have installed Python (see and being able to use the PyGMO module. Installation instruction for PyGMO is available in Users can also try to use the function provided in the package: