KernelKnn 1.1.5

KernelKnn 1.1.4

KernelKnn 1.1.3

KernelKnn 1.1.2

KernelKnn 1.1.1

KernelKnn 1.1.0

KernelKnn 1.0.9

I added a test case to check equality of the results between KernelKnnCV and distMat.KernelKnnCV functions

KernelKnn 1.0.8

I added the DARMA_64BIT_WORD flag in the Makevars file to allow the package processing big datasets

KernelKnn 1.0.7

I modified the input_dist_mat function of the distance_metrics.cpp file due to a bug. I modified the distMat.KernelKnn function so that it does not return an error if the rows of the DIST_mat distance matrix is not equal to the length of y (added comments in the function documentation).

KernelKnn 1.0.6

In this version the following functions/parameters were added:

I also modified the OpenMP clauses of the .cpp file to address the ASAN errors.

KernelKnn 1.0.5

I removed OpenImageR and irlba as package dependencies. I also added an init.c file in the src folder due to a change in CRAN submissions for compiled code [ references :, ]

KernelKnn 1.0.4

I added a try-catch Rcpp function to make possible the calculation of singular covariance matrices as sugggested in

KernelKnn 1.0.3

Reimplementation of the Rcpp function due to ASAN-memory-errors

KernelKnn 1.0.2

I updated the Description file with a URL and a BugReports web-address.

KernelKnn 1.0.1

Currently, Software platforms like OSX do not support openMP, thus I’ve made openMP optional for all cpp functions.

KernelKnn 1.0.0