KaradaColor 0.1.5

Change:Rename some commands to kg_xxx_xxx before allowing CRAN release.

KaradaColor 0.1.4

Change:kg_plot_color() command. Support for color vector data. Add:convert_colTodf() command. This function convert color data to data.frame class. Add:image_add_textAcode() command. This function Add to image() command text and color code.

KaradaColor 0.1.3

Add:kg_create_cc() command. This function create complementary color. Change:show_KG_palette() command. Support for data.frame class.

KaradaColor 0.1.2

Initial release at git.

KaradaColor 0.1.1

A memorable line. * Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.