AdvDif4: Solving 1D Advection Bi-Flux Diffusion Equation

This software solves an Advection Bi-Flux Diffusive Problem using the Finite Difference Method FDM. Vasconcellos, J.F.V., Marinho, G.M., Zanni, J.H., 2016, Numerical analysis of an anomalous diffusion with a bimodal flux distribution. <doi:10.1016/j.rimni.2016.05.001>. Silva, L.G., Knupp, D.C., Bevilacqua, L., Galeao, A.C.N.R., Silva Neto, A.J., 2014, Formulation and solution of an Inverse Anomalous Diffusion Problem with Stochastic Techniques. <doi:10.5902/2179460X13184>. In this version, it is possible to include a source as a function depending on space and time, that is, s(x,t).

Version: 0.7.18
Published: 2019-07-21
Author: Jader Lugon Junior, Pedro Paulo Gomes Watts Rodrigues, Luiz Bevilacqua, Gisele Moraes Marinho, Diego Campos Knupp, Joao Flavio Vieira Vasconcellos and Antonio Jose da Silva Neto.
Maintainer: Jader Lugon Junior <jlugonjr at>
License: GPL-3
NeedsCompilation: no
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